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‘situation’ highlights ideas of event and the eventful nature of interiors, lived space-time compositions in constant change; circumstances and circumstancing; atmospheric compositions as distinct from artefacts; ephemerality; uniqueness; one-offs; a multiplicity of experience.
– Suzie Attiwill

The SITUATION Symposium and Exhibition Proceedings is a comprehensive compilation of all the presentations of papers and creative works that composed the SITUATION Symposium from July 31st to August 1st 2014, and the SITUATION Exhibition, July 23rd to August 3rd, both held at the RMIT Design Hub. It also contains full-papers – elaborated presentations – contributed by some of the participants of the symposium, and extensive documentation of the SITUATION Exhibition.

In addition to this, the publication includes contributions from key situators, Omar Sosa art director and editor of Barcelona-based Apartamento magazine; Bianca Hester, Australian artist; and Edward Hollis, Scottish-based architect and author.

SITUATION Symposium and Exhibition was organised by RMIT Interior Design in partnership with IDEA (Interior Design / Interior Architecture Educators Association).

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