2010 | Interior Space in Other Places

2010 IDEA Symposium

3-5 February 2010

State Library of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Hosted and convened by the Interior Design program, School of Design, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia

  • Associate Professor Mark Taylor, Program Coordinator, Interior Design, Queensland University of Technology.
  • Professor Gini Lee, Executive Editor, IDEA Journal, Queensland University of Technology.
  • With Marissa Lindquist, Lecturer, Interior Design, Queensland University of Technology.

Hosts and Partners

The Symposium Partners, State Library of Queensland, Brisbane generously provided the venue and facilities for the event. http://www.slq.qld.gov.au

The School of Design, Queensland University of Technology provided administrative support. The Symposium Convenors would like to thank Professor David Buisson, former Assistant Dean (External Relations) Faculty of Built Environment and Engineering, Queensland University of Technology for an External Relations Grant to develop the website.

The Convenors would also like to thank IDEA Chair (Suzie Attiwill) and IDEA members for their support and advice as the event progressed.

Conference curatorial outline

The focus of this symposium was to question whether interior design is changing relative to local conditions, and the effect globalization has on the performance of regional, particularly Southern hemisphere identities. The intention being to understand how theory and practice is transposed to ‘distant lands’, and how ideas shift from one place to another. To this extent the symposium invited papers on the export, translation and adoption of theories and practices of interior design to differing climates, cultures, and landscapes.

This process, sometimes referred to as a shift from ‘the centre to the margins’, seeks new perspectives on the adoption of European and US design ideas abroad, as well as their return to their place of origin. Papers were invited from a range of perspectives including the export of ideas/attitudes to interior spaces, history of interior spaces abroad, and the adoption of ideas/processes to new conditions.

Paralleling this trafficking of ideas are broader observations about interior space that emerge through specificity of place. These include new and emerging directions and differences in our understanding of interiority; both real and virtual, and an ever-changing relationship to city, suburb and country. Keeping within the Symposium theme the intention was to examine other places, particularly on the margins of the discipline’s domain.

Semantic slippage aside, there are a range of approaches that engage outside events and practices enabling a transdisciplinary practice that draws from other philosophical and theoretical frameworks. Moreover as the field expands and new territories are opened up, the virtual worlds of computer gaming, animations, and interactive environments, both rely on and produce new forms of expression. This raises questions about the extent such spaces adopt or translate existing theory and practice, that is the transposition from one area to another and their return to the discipline.

  • Mark Taylor, Gini Lee and Marissa Lindquist Interior Spaces in Other Places
  • Penny Sparke The Modern Interior: a Euro- American paradigm
  • Michael J Ostwald Ignored or Repressed: reconstructing the missing interior in ‘Learning from Las Vegas’
  • Davide Colaci The Human Metropolis: interior architecture as a process of manipulation, invention and inversion of the contemporary metropolis
  • Kathleen Connellan ‘At Home’: a discussion of diaspora and hybridity
  • Robert Crocker Re-assembling the Past: tradition and modernity in the Anglo-American ‘period-style’ interior
  • Katarina Dimitrijevic Township Metropolis: design for disposal
  • Georgina Downey Maisons d’artistes: sympathetic frame and wandering aesthetic
  • Julia Dwyer Place: walking it, naming it, taking it
  • Kathleen Gibson Imaginary Architectures, Overseas Chinese and the Mingshi Lou
  • Andrew Gorman-Murray Materialising Masculinity: men and interior design
  • Krismanto Kusbiantoro Localizing the Universal Values of Christianity in Local Church Design of Indonesia: towards sustainability
  • Brenda Martin Art Deco Moderne in Singapore in the 1930s Domestic Interior
  • Terry Meade Representation and Destruction: the creation of territorial islands through exclusion and retreat
  • Hannah Mendoza & Matthew Dudzik Residential Spaces in a Culture of Fear: interior design in São Paulo, Brazil
  • Kathy Mezei Living the Domestic Interior: seven characters in search of home in Vancouver, 2008-2010
  • Julieanna Preston Into After
  • Angela Rui Art that Turns into Space

Interior Spaces in Other Places 2010 symposium proceedings

Symposium Papers [download PDF]