2005 IDEA Symposium

22 to 24 April 2005

Domain House, Royal Botanical Gardens, South Yarra, Melbourne

The 2005 IDEA symposium was convened by Suzie Attiwill, Interior Design, RMIT University, and Gini Lee, Architecture and Design, University of South Australia

INSIDEOUT sought to encourage new thinking, research and teaching into the possible relations between interior and landscape discourse and practice. It was a timely discussion about existing, and potential, synergies concerning spatial and temporal qualities of space and place. The program was composed of papers and exhibitions by national and international academics, practitioners and postgraduate students in interior design, landscape architecture, art and design in discussions on the theory and practice of making, teaching and travelling through the relations between interior and exterior, space and place.

Keynote speaker: Professor Elizabeth Grosz
Elizabeth Grosz a well-known Australian philosopher, is now based in New York and currently professor of women’s and gender studies at Rutgers University. She is the author of the influential books: Architecture from the Outside. Essays on Virtual and Real Spaceand Volatile Bodies: Towards a Corporeal Feminism. Her most recent book is The Nick of Time: Politics, Evolution and the Untimely (Allen and Unwin: 2004).

Endnote speaker: Professor Ross Gibson
Ross Gibson is a teacher and writer who also makes films and multimedia systems. His books include: The Diminishing Paradise (1984); South of the West (1992); The Bond Store Tales (1996); Exchanges: Cross-Cultural Encounters in Australia and the Pacific(1996 edited) and Seven Versions of an Australian Badland (2002). He has written and directed award-winning films, including the internationally influential Camera Natura (1985) and Wild (1993). He has also curated several acclaimed exhibitions. These include a record breaking ‘Crime Scene’ exhibition at the Justice and Police Museum in Sydney in 1999 and 2000 (co-curated with Kate Richards), and Remembrance+the Moving Image at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in 2003. Gibson also works in large public cultural institutions, including the Museum of Sydney where he was a senior consultant producer between 1993 and 1996, and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image where he was Creative Director during its establishment phase, 1999 to early 2002. He is currently Research Professor of New Media and Digital Culture at UTS.

Symposium Papers
  • Elizabeth Grosz, Chaos, Territory, Art. Deleuze and the Framing of the Earth
  • Joanne Cys, Absence of Structure
  • Gill Lawson, Jill Franz and Barbara Adkins, Rhetoric of Landscape Architecture and Interior Design Discourses: Preparation for Cross-Disciplinary Practice
  • Cathy Smith, Spaces of Architectural Overcoming
  • Bill McKay and Antonia Walmsley, Pacific Space: The Pacific Conception of Building
  • Mark Taylor and Julieanna Preston, Interior Bowers: The Dormant Wilderness of Nineteenth-Century Boudoirs
  • Jill Franz, The Potential of the Window in ‘Framing’ Landscape Meaning
  • Kathy Waghorn, AFK – Away From Keyboard. Place in The Sims Online
  • Sam Kebbell, Interiors in the Land of the Great Outdoors
  • Christina Mackay, Living Outside with the Sun
  • Lawrence Harvey, The Aural Eye: Soundscape Practice and Pedagogy in Design Education
  • Julieanna Preston, ‘rO:Om’, spatial and material transmissions
  • Laurene Vaughan, Navigating the Labyrinthine
  • Jillian Walliss, From Bus Driver Dreaming to Tjukurpa – the Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre
  • Gillian Swanson, Being Nowhere: Distraction, Disintegration and Spatiality
  • Linda Marie Walker, The Question of the Trip
  • Ross Gibson, Changescapes


Symposium papers [2005 IDEA Journal]