2012 Writing /Drawing: Interiority

Sit in the corner James; you’re disturbing the class. 2010.  James Carey

Sit in the corner James; you’re disturbing the class. 2010. James Carey

Contributions to this issue of the IDEA Journal responded to the topic of Writing /Drawing: negotiating the perils and pleasures of interiority.

Interiority is subject to specific sorts of disciplinary representation and the premise for this provocation is that images of interiority are frequently at odds with, or resistant to conventional representational systems. Interiority is attached to socially and culturally selected manifestations of power, gender, labour and materiality and these everyday conditions emerge in images of interiority, drawn or written, amplifying and disquieting usual disciplinary concerns.

The guest editor for the IDEA JOURNAL 2012 is Dr Sarah Treadwell. Sarah is an Associate Professor at the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of Auckland. Her research investigates the representation of architecture in colonial and contemporary images. Motels, gender and volcanic conditions of ground are also subjects of interest. Sarah has published in various books and journals including Architectural DesignSpace and Culture and Architectural Theory Review.

Dr Rachel Carley

Executive Editor

List of Content

  • Editorial: Writing/Drawing: Negotiating the Perils and Pleasures of Interiority Sarah Treadwell
  • THE EZRA POUND HOUSE. A one-family dwelling for a sociopathic philosopher, or the First Monadic Architecture Manifesto Sarah Jorge Leon and Ismael Martin
  • Binding Interiority Marian Macken
  • Minimalist Aesthetics and the Imagined and Inhabited Interiority of Peter Eisenman’s Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe Rodrigo Russell
  • Paranoiac Critical Interiorisations: Odysseus in Mies van der Rohe’s Seagram Building and Buckminster Fuller’s domes Simon Weir
  • Drawing Out the Censors’ Room Ro Spankie
  • Kissing the Sky: James Turrell’s Skyspaces Chris Cottrell
  • Recording the Absent Inside the Maison de Verre Emma Cheatle
  • Spatial Fragments, Visual Distortions and Processes of Sense Making Gabrielle Knueppel
  • Relational drawing as agency: negotiating the tangible and intangible of Samoan diaspora social space Karamia Muller
  • Cavum/Plenum: Interpretations of Domestic Space Michela Bassanelli
  • Visual Essay: rendering the [im]material James Carey