2011 Interior Economies


This provocation encapsulated in the concept Interior Economies includes contributions as scholarly essays, visual essays and theorized creative practice across domestic, commercial, institutional and industrial interior domains. Guest editor Julieanna Preston offers the following prompt for researchers concerned with the interior. ‘Originally identifying the household or family as the basic unit of society, the term economyimplicates the social and material relations of a prominent type of interior, the domestic sphere. The notion of economy has expanded in contemporary usage to denote systems of production, distribution, exchange and consumption at a global scale. In much of today’s world, to be economical is to make the efficient use of resources, even to the extent of frugality. And yet, in sharp contrast and with immediate relevance, interior economyconceptually refers to a face to face relational exchange, an active sharing and social interaction which has the capacity to occur in interiors other than those inscribed by physical enclosure or geographical locale.’

The guest editor for the IDEA JOURNAL 2011, Julieanna Preston is Director of Research and Postgraduate Studies, Institute of Design for Industry and Environment, College of Creative Arts at Massey University. Julieanna is a spatial/ interior designer recognised internationally for her transdisciplinary creative practice research on the politics of interior environments and material surfaces. In recent years this speculative research has advanced knowledge on material vitality and gendered space in the context of curated exhibitions and critical publications.

Professor Gini Lee
Executive Editor

List of Content

  • Interior Economies: Money, markets, labour, politics, culture, land, people, objects, desire and space (not always in that order) Julieanna Preston
  • Inhabiting the Informational: Foucault’s bio-politics and the economics of the panopticon interior Sarah Jozefiak and Michael Ostwald
  • The Legacy of Office Landscaping: SANAA’s Rolex Learning Centre Andreas Rumpfhuber
  • Subterra: Interior Economies of Underground Space Conversations with Photographer Wayne Barrar: Julieanna Preston
  • Dust, vacuum cleaners, (war) machines and the disappearance of the interiorTeresa Stoppani
  • How small is too small? Bangkok (frugal) Living Nuttinee Karnchanaporn
  • Sharing the Interior: Economies in the Antipodes Jacqueline McIntosh and John Gray
  • The Mobile Office: An autoenthnographic account Emma Gieben-Gamal and Juliette MacDonald
  • Reinvention of a Lost Interior World Sara Lee
  • Inhabitation as a process: Theoretical frameworks for analysing interiors Fátima Pombo, Wouter Bervoets and Hilde Heynen
  • Book Review: Life from the inside: Perspectives on social sustainability and interior architecture. Edited by Dianne Smith, Marina Lommerse and Priya Metcalfe Amanda Yates