2010 Interior Ecologies

Interior Ecologies


Proposals respond to the provocation Interior Ecologies: exposing the evolutionary interior to elicit emergent interior debates on contemporary spatial, material and performative practices.

Can a critical ecological approach to practice and discourse in interiors enable expanded locales for research and experiment across disciplinary and theoretical boundaries? Normative concepts concerned with the designed habitat, or discursive debates around the interfaces of interior and exterior conditions, may fall short in provoking interior thinking to engage through ecologies of practice that contribute to advancing environments, technologies and cultures. Interior Ecologies presents theoretical research, design practice and educational accounts that promote the concept of evolutionary interiors.

The IDEA JOURNAL 2010 exposes the engagement of interior teaching and practice in contemporary ecological, political, cultural and economic structures. Scholarly accounts of writing and projects travel across disciplinary perspectives and temporal systems into an open-ended enquiry into ecologies for and of the interior.

Professor Gini Lee
Executive Editor

List of Contents

  • Interior Ecologies: exposing the evolutionary interior Gini Lee
  • Provocation Ten Modest Suggestions for a New Athens Charter Andrea Branzi
  • Spatial culture, learning and design: shifting ecologies of practice Susan C Stewart and Susan Sherringham
  • Silent Witness: Rachel Whiteread’s Nameless Library Rachel Carley
  • Provocation Ideogram_Spatial Intelligence Leon van Schaik
  • Tessellated Floorscape (2010-): interior acts of production, siting and participationIgor Siddiqui
  • Domestic Ecologies: A study of gender and domesticity within Harold Pinter’s Rooms Kirsty Volz
  • Provocation Mapping Interior Adjacencies Lois Weinthal
  • Interior Luxury at the Café Australia Annette Condello
  • Sustainable practice in retail design: new functions between matter and spaceChiara Rubessi
  • Provocation in Suzie Attiwill
  • The Social Production of Interiority: an Activity Theory approach Lubomir Savov Popov
  • What can we learn from the Bubble Man and his Atmospheric Ecologies? Hélène Frichot
  • Provocation Remote Senses, Intimate Ecologies: Anemocinegraph (2007-2011)Janine Randerson
  • Enhancement of Critical and Analytical thinking in the context of Interior Design History Kyuho Ahn and Mihyun Kang
  • ‘Homes for Life’: A critical ecological study of an Independent Living Project Jill Franz
  • Book Review: Interior Design: a critical introduction by Clive Edwards Mark Taylor
  • Book Review: Inventario : Tutto è progetto ⁄ Everything is a project by Beppi Finessi/Corraini Eleonora Lupo