2009 Interior Territories


Proposals respond to the provocation Interior Territories: exposing the critical interior in order to elicit emerging interior discourses influenced by explorations into contemporary spatial, material and performative practices.

What are the critical issues facing environments and societies that can be explored around the ideas of interior territories? We suggest that within increasingly homogenised and globalised public and private interiors, concepts of territory that infer relationships with located place and field can provoke new relationships concerning spatial practices and material and immaterial ecologies.

The IDEA JOURNAL 2009 exposes the engagement of interior practice in contemporary ecological, cultural and economic systems. The scholarly accounts of writing and projects in Interior Territories move across disciplinary perspectives and temporal and political systems to express an open-ended enquiry into an expanded territory of the interior.

Professor Gini Lee
Executive Editor

List of Contents

  • Interior Territories: exposing the critical interior Gini Lee
  • Affective territories Jan Smitheram and Ian Woodcock
  • Finding a space for the practice of interior design Joanne Cys
  • TMESIS: insertions and subversions of interstitial territories Paul Blindell and Penny Sykes
  • Tender and true: the place the time the particle Linda Marie Walker and Jude Walton
  • Urban interiors. Artificial territories: designing ‘spatial script’ for relational field Elena Enrica Giunta
  • Modelling the Interior: opening up the doll’s house Ana Araujo and Ro Spankie
  • The Given (Interior) World Stephen Loo and Ross Gibson
  • Only Within Mark Pimlott
  • Spatial Entrails: themes from Surrealism and Psychoanalysis in the interiors of Sugar Suite Michael Chapman
  • The Great Indoors Julieanna Preston
  • Making the Great Outdoors Better: the outdoor kitchen and the changing design of American luxury Beverly Grindstaff
  • The Junction of Interior Territories: Chinese shop–houses in Chong Kneas, Cambodia Tijen Roshko
  • From Intimacy to Infinity: exploring the role of interior in 3 short films Anthony Fryatt and Roger Kemp with Paul Ritchard, Christine Rogers and David Carlin
  • bodies+spaces Kathy Waghorn and Ross T Smith
  • Lurking in a Liminal Land: making images for an ecology of territories and relationsPeter Downton