2003 IDEA Journal

List of Contents:
  • Limits and Thresholds: On the Power of Interiority Professor Mark Kingwell
  • Di-vision/double vision Suzie Attiwill
  • Interior Design Criticism: Between Excess and Austerity Dr Jill Franz
  • (IM)MATER(IALITY) and the Black-Box Theatre as an ‘Empty Space’ of Re-production A/Prof Dorita Hannah
  • The Nourishing Art Jane Lawrence and Rachel Hurst
  • Glue and Gumption A/Prof Douglas Lloyd-Jenkins
  • Raising Understanding of Indigenous Australian Culture through Creative Production in Interior Architecture A/Prof Marina Lommerse
  • Design, the Decoration of Culture? Tom Loveday
  • Maori Time: Notions of Space, Time and Building Form in the South Pacific Bill McKay and Antonia Walmsley
  • Absolute Zero – Revealing the Void Darragh O’Brien
  • An Interpretative and Contextual Approach to Interior Design Education: A Study about Integrating Theory and Practice Dr Tiiu Poldma
  • Shifting Between Economy and Cladding Julieanna Preston
  • Between-ness: Theory and Practice within the Margins of Excess Catherine Smith
  • The NetWorkPlace™© Phenomenon: Connecting the Space of Place and the Space of Flows Paul Smith
  • The Way of the Detail in Japanese Design George Verghese
  • Growing a Discipline: Evolving Learning Practices in Interior Design Dr Jacqueline Vischer and Dr Tiiu Poldma