1999 IDEA Journal


List of Contents:
  • Opening Statement. The founding of the Interior Design/Interior Architecture Educators Association (IDEA) Marina Lommerse
  • Interior Architecture in Australia and Canada:
    Part 1 – Parallels in a Developing Profession
    Part 2 – A comparative Study of the Development of University Education of Inetrior Designers / Architects in Australia and Canada
    Marina Lommerse and Nancy Spanbroek
  • Basket Cases. A first year cross cultural studio Jane Lawrence and Rachel Hurst
  • Container Roger Kemp
  • RMIT Exporting Education:
    Part 1: Singapore Design Studios. Exporting education Andrea Mina
    Part 2: Singapore Urban Cyber Jewellery Ross McLeod
    Part 3: Artifice Park Tan Kok Meng
    Part 4: INDEX.s ‘98 exhibition Andrea Mina
  • An Integrative Strategic Framework for Curriculum Development in Interior DesignJill Franz