Journal Context

IDEA Journal

The IDEA JOURNAL is central to IDEA’s objective to foster, publish and disseminate peer reviewed interior design/interior architecture research. Launched in 1999, the IDEA JOURNAL is an international refereed journal dedicated to the publication of interior design/interior architecture research and as such provides a valuable resource to the discipline and associated design and theoretical fields.

In 2016, the IDEA (Interior Design Interior Architecture Educator’s Association) Board of Directors has revisited the role of the journal, its publication, frequency, required resources and foci. As a result, the following strategic decisions have been made:

  • The IDEA Journal’s Executive Editor will be an IDEA Director.
  • The journal will be published online – open access. The benefit being increased access and therefore increased citation numbers.
  • The IDEA Journal will now publish 10 submissions per edition in the form of one submission to be published online per month. In addition, the Editor will consider letters for publication.
  • Each edition of the journal will be themed to align with high impact contemporary research foci and will welcome:
    • At least one key essay or one interview by/with nationally or internationally established academics/practitioners/researchers
    • Selected research essays on interior design/interior architecture/spatial design and contiguous disciplines
    • Contributions from students, practitioners and academics
    • International contributions
    • Contributions to the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching
  • IDEA will continue to control the graphic design of the online version.
  • Copyright will remain with the authors. The essays are the intellectual property of the authors, IDEA has publishing rights, but authors can cite or publish parts of essays again as long as they mention original place of publication – the IDEA Journal.
  • IDEA will hold the rights to all royalties.


IDEA Board members widely disseminate the Call for Abstracts, encouraging submissions from academic staff, postgraduate students and practitioners nationally and internationally from across the multi-disciplinary design community.
In addition to the Abstract, authors are required to submit a 100 word biography. Abstracts are peer reviewed.
Appropriate Referees are selected from those with recognised expertise.
The anonymity of author and referee is maintained at all times throughout the double-blind process.
Referees submit confidential reports directly to the Executive Editor.
The Editorial Advisory Committee reviews and decides on the final selection of submissions to be published.
Referee reports are made available to authors.
The decision of the IDEA JOURNAL Editorial Advisory Committee is final, with no correspondence entered into regarding the acceptance or rejection of submissions.
All submissions are double blind refereed.


  1. Does the title reflect the content?
  2. Does the submission explicitly address the provocation, thereby making a significant contribution to the body of knowledge in this field?
  3. Are the following clear: the research focus, identified problems, methods of inquiry, evidence-based discussion, resultant claims and or conclusions?
  4. Is the submission substantially and critically positioned in the context of appropriate precedent works, history, and or theoretical inquiry? Are these elements correctly cited?
  5. Does the submission demonstrate significant practice knowledge and expertise, and or academic rigor?
  6. Are parts of the submission weak or lacking? Is so, how could these be improved?
  7. Does the submission comply with the IDEA Journal Author’s Submission Guidelines, image requirements and copyright requirements?
  8. Are images, illustrations, figures and diagrams etc relevant and contributing to the submission?



Editorial Board

Executive Editor (2016-2019): Dr Lynn Churchill, Curtin University

IDEA Journal Editorial Advisory Committee (2016–ongoing):
Dr Sing D’Arcy, University New South Wales Aus
Dr Nicole Kalms, Monash University Aus
Dr Antony Pelosi, Victoria University NZ
Andrew Douglas, Victoria University NZ

Online Journal Editor:
Dr Antony Pelosi, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

External Editorial Advisory Committee (2016–):

Prior to 2016, the IDEA Journal was published annually online on the IDEA website (see links to each journal on this webpage menu) and as a hard copy. From 2011 to 2015, guest editors were invited to propose a provocation as a call for submissions, that included design research papers, refereed studios, project reviews, visual essays, book and exhibition reviews.

Expressions of interest were submitted but not refereed. All full submissions were double-blind peer reviewed against the following criteria:
Does the work address and expand the provocation?
Does the work contribute to the discipline of interior design/interior architecture?
Does the work present critical selection of precedent and provide contextual rationale?
Is there a scholarly reflection leading to the exposure of new findings and arguments?
Does the work meet high standards of scholarship through substantiated and critically discussed content?
Is the work professionally structure and presented?

Executive Editor (2014–2015): Dr Suzie Attiwill, RMIT University
Executive Editor (2012–2013): Dr Rachel Carley, Auckland, New Zealand


Guest Editors (2011–2015)
2015 Davide Fassi, Elena Giunta, Luciano Crespi, Belén Hermida and Suzie Attiwill (Politecnico di Milano, Italy; Tongji University, China Universidad CEU San Pablo, Spain; RMIT University, Australia)
2014 Lorella di Cintio (Ryerson University, Canada)
2013 Ed Hollis (University of Edinburgh, Scotland)
2012 Sarah Treadwell (Auckland University, New Zealand)
2011 Julieanna Preston (Massey University, New Zealand)

IDEA Journal Editorial Advisory Committee (2011–2015):
Dr Suzie Attiwill, Associate Professor, RMIT University
Dr Rachel Carley, Auckland, New Zealand
Dr Daniel Huppatz, Swinburne University
Dr Nicole Kalms, Monash University

External Editorial Advisory Committee (2012–2015):
Graeme Brooker, Middlesex University, United Kingdom
Dr Deidre Brown, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Dr Jooyun Kim, Hongik University, Seoul, South Korea
Dr Stephen Loo, University of Tasmania, Australia
Dr Julieanna Preston, Massey University, New Zealand
Dr Gennaro Postiglione, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Lois Weinthal, Ryerson University, Canada



Executive Editor: Dr Gini Lee (QUT)
IDEA Editorial Advisory Committee: Suzie Attiwill (RMIT), Dr Rachel Carley (Unitec), Dr Jill Franz (QUT)
Electronic Publications Editor: Suzie Attiwill


Dr Jill Franz (Executive Editor) with Dr Dianne Smith (Queensland University of Technology)