“Nothing will come of nothing, speak again.”


  • Sara Bomans Hasselt university
  • Remco Roes Hasselt university




Sublime space, Fragmentary, spatial practice, Spatial design


This visual essay is a representation of a two month residency and the resulting exhibition in the Gasthuis chapel in Borgloon (Belgium). The project was a collaboration between Belgian artist Sara Bomans and Remco Roes within the context of Roes’ practice-based PhD in architecture entitled: The scenography of sublime space. This research attempts to translate the philosophical notion of the sublime into a spatial form. The large and uncanny sublime is approached through the notion of immanence – ‘the sublime is now’. By focussing on the ungraspable ‘now’, the given (physical) context of any moment becomes the material fuel for exploring the possibilities of constructing a spatial sublime. This journey continually balances between acceptance of the status quo and acting upon it. Through this alternative reading of ‘the sublime’ the concept becomes useful within Roes’ spatial practice that emphasises the fragmentary, incomplete and the everyday as opposed to the grandeur most typically associated with it.

The title of the exhibition – “Nothing will come of nothing, speak again” – reflects the attempt at a continual seeking of meaning from the ‘nothingness’ of the current moment and the given situation on site. In the case of Borgloon this local context consisted of the empty chapel and over a dozen churches in the direct vicinity, suffering from shrinking congregations and facing re-use scenarios over the coming years. We decided to visit these churches and cross-reference our experiences and impressions with the spatiality of the Gasthuis chapel.


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Author Biographies

Sara Bomans, Hasselt university

Sara Bomans is an artist who works in multiple disciplines. She frequently engages in collaborations with other artists, which has become somewhat of a thread in her recent work. She is initiator of the "PReTT" meetings, in which she invites creatives (artists, musicians, thinkers, ...) to connect and collaborate. www.sarabomans.be

Remco Roes, Hasselt university

Remco Roes graduated as an architect in 2007 and since then has continually explored the edges of that discipline as an artist and researcher. He is currently working on a practice-based PhD in interior architecture at the University of Hasselt (Belgium).The main focus of his research is the exploration of the status quo of a site as the basis for the creation of ‘sublime’ space. This challenge is approached from two opposite sides.The first entails a philosophical and historical - but increasingly lateral and personal - reading of the sublime.The other approach consists of the creation of spatial works within the context of an artistic practice. http://www.remcoroes.nl




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