Dressing Surface Wounds


  • Susan Hedges Unitec Institute of Technology




Interior, Wound, Spatial design


This paper suggests that the interior is a space that may become contorted, immolated, wounded, dissected, intestinally revealed and impaled through the course of its history. Through a discussion of a late-nineteenth century lunatic asylum constructed in Auckland and a series of instructional drawings for the aseptic treatment of wounds, the building’s surface is seen as a physical wound that sags, wrinkles, weeps and fails to support its own weight. Through an investigation of the wrapping principles of bandages, the exposure and covering of wounds, this paper explores attempts to cover, heal and support the 'wound' of an interior.


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Author Biography

Susan Hedges, Unitec Institute of Technology

Susan Hedges is a Senior Lecturer in Spatial Design at AUT University, New Zealand. Her research and publication interests embrace an interest in architectural drawing, notation, dance, film and critical theory in relation to drawing and visual culture. These seemingly divergent fields are connected by an interest in the relationship that exists between the body condition, architectural notation and visual images.



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Hedges, Susan. 2013. “Dressing Surface Wounds”. Idea Journal 13 (1):60-67. https://doi.org/10.37113/ideaj.v0i0.80.



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