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Interior, Room, People


This is a collection of stories about rooms, and people.


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Author Biography

Ed Hollis, Edinburgh College of Art

Edward Hollis studied Architecture at Cambridge and Edinburgh Universities. For the subsequent six years he practiced as an Architect. He worked first in Sri Lanka, in the practice of Geoffrey Bawa, famous for his garden of follies and ruins at Lunuganga; and then in the practice of Richard Murphy, known for his radical alterations to historic buildings in and around Edinburgh. In 1999, Edward began lecturing in Interior Architecture at Napier University, Edinburgh. In 2004, he moved to Edinburgh College of Art, where he ran the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Interior Design. Now he is the Director of research in the school of Design. Working with follies and ruins in Sri Lanka, with modern interventions to historic buildings in Scotland, and in the slippery discipline of Interiors, has focussed Edward’s research and theoretical thinking on the notion of time, story, and building. Edward Hollis is currently involved with current plans to revive the ruins of Gillespie Kidd and Coia’s seminary at Cardross. His first book, ‘The Secret Lives of Buildings’: a collection folk tales stories about mythical buildings was published in 2009; and ‘The Memory Palace’ a book of lost Interiors was published in 2013.



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