Interior architecture in Australia and Canada

part one: a comparative study of a developing profession part two: a comparative study of the development of university education for interior designers/architects


  • Marina Lommerse Curtin University
  • Nancy Spanbroek Curtin University



Australia, Canada, Interior, Developing field


This paper is the first in a series. The series will compare development in Interior Design/Interior Architecture in two commonwealth countries- Australia and Canada. These countries are of a similar population, size, language, mother country and age in terms of western development. The countries therefore share, in terms of design development, some of the same opportunities and barriers.
Little documented research exists concerning the recent developments in Interior Architecture in Australia and Canada. Thus this paper was written to provide an anecdotal overview of the profession in the two countries over the period described. It is acknowledged that this is by no means an exhaustive piece of research of this period, but rather an overview and starting point for more in- depth research.

This paper is the second in a series of comparative studies between education and practice in Interior Design/Interior Architecture between Canada and Australia. This paper discusses the similarities in the educational structure at universities within Australia and between Australia and Canada causing concern as we find ourselves in a global competitive market place. It is paramount that interior design education directs industry, and not be dictated by short-term industry demands. For this to occur, national educational bodies need to examine their existing programs in respect to one another, develop a distinctive approach in what they teach, and develop better communications with industry in order to ensure the sharing of valuable knowledge gained through project work. This paper is written to provide an anecdotal overview of the professional education in these two countries over the past twenty years.



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Lommerse, Marina, and Nancy Spanbroek. 1999. “Interior Architecture in Australia and Canada: Part One: a Comparative Study of a Developing Profession Part Two: a Comparative Study of the Development of University Education for Interior designers/Architects”. Idea Journal 1 (1):6-27.



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