Reading room/ Writing roam

interior design as critical comment


  • Mark Taylor Victoria University of Wellington



Reading room, Critical comment, Interior design


This paper discusses a final year course in which students were invited to?discuss design through reading, writing and making. The course had two? main goals - research and critical reflection. During the course students studied 'closely associated' words to determine meaning in order to parallel their use in other discipline s. The chosen words focussed on the notion/act of adding-to, embellishing, or inserting into/onto existing conditions. Since the words were researched through disciplines other than interior and architecture, new meanings or interpretations helped formulate architectural propositions about space, surface, form, etc., thus extending our knowledge and understanding of design.


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Taylor, Mark. 1. “Reading Room/ Writing Roam: Interior Design As Critical Comment”. Idea Journal 2 (1):70-83.



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