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  • Angelina Russo University of Canberra



Interior studio, Film, Design


The design of scenography, staging, lighting and objects for representation and presentation within the film genre forms one of the most seductive areas in the practice of interior design.?The merging of space and movement within this medium provide context and site for the visual translation of narrative, engagement of image and spectacle and discourse surrounding the iconography and imagery of history, culture and society. This studio, delivered to second and third year interior design students at the University of South Australia, delved into the multi-disciplinary practice of the film process. It introduced students to the various roles and responsibilities of the designer working within the medium of film. It attempted to meld the theoretical and practical through a series of design projects which analysed and developed design proposals while challenging traditional realms of interior design practice. Four specific theory lectures were developed to provide a theoretical reference for the project work. These were structured to explore notions of montage, place, and fragmentation through representation and imagery. To augment these lectures and translate existing skills into the conventions of film design practice, practical workshops exploring the techniques of script breakdown, drafting, lighting and packaging formed an integral part of the lecture series. To develop critical analysis and observation of existing practices, students were asked to watch a minimum of ten films - either from the supplied listing' or as proposed. They were asked to comment both in visual and text form, on the various devices used to visualize the narrative in each film. To do so, they identified the broad themes of the film and documented design methods used to represent these themes - form, lighting, spatial sequencing, etc Gaining an understanding of a body of film works allowed students to engage in both theoretical and practical approaches to the design process in a reflective and responsive way.


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