Narrative research + the built environment


  • Dianne Smith Queensland University of Technology



Narration, Research, Design, Interior


Narration or story telling is proposed as a process which enables researchers in interior design/architecture to deal with the crux of environmental design - experience and relationships. This approach addresses the limitations of more superficial understandings of the built environment represented by discussions of form or appearance. Narration generally occurs as written or verbal accounts, but it may also involve graphical representations, stained glass, movement, dance, or music (Barthes: 1979). How narrative inquiry is of value in the study of interior architecture, and consequently for research into the built environment is discussed in this paper with specific attention to identifying how these concepts may be applicable for research focusing on environmental interpretation and the construction of meaning.


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Smith, Dianne. 2001. “Narrative Research + the Built Environment”. Idea Journal 2 (1):24-35.



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