Constructing 'independent women' through space

a case of the womens refuge


  • Kristine Peta Jerome Queensland University of Technology



Independent women, Refuge, managing space


This paper explores the relevant space in the transformation of a particular populations in transition. It does this by drawing on data from a women's refuge currently in operation in Southeast Queensland. Specifically, the information presented here describes the significance of the spatial domain in the production of 'independent women'. This is managed by examining a small segment of data from an independent refuge model. Findings from this examination illustrate that space is a key constituent in the production of 'independence' and managing space in a particular way is an important activity in the construction of the 'refuge culture'


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Jerome, Kristine Peta. 2002. “Constructing ’independent women’ through Space: A Case of the Womens Refuge”. Idea Journal 3 (1):55-70.



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