If walls had ears (and voices too)

teaching fundamentals to interior architects

  • Jane Lawrence University of South Australia
  • Rachel Hurst University of South Australia
Keywords: Interior architects, Inside or out, Fundamentals


What is a wall? Is it a thing of separation or connection? Does it divide or bring face to face two identifiably different sides, an inside an outside (depending on where you’re standing); in front of the wall or behind it; protected by it or incarcerated by it? Does the origin of a wall emerge from the desire to draw an abstract distinction, then a line of posts, then a wire fence, then a line of stones piled upon one another and so on?


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Lawrence , Jane, and Rachel Hurst. 1. “If Walls Had Ears (and Voices too): Teaching Fundamentals to Interior Architects”. IDEA JOURNAL, 1, 35-44. https://doi.org/10.37113/ideaj.vi0.246.
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