Glue and Gumption


  • Douglas Lloyd-Jenkins Unitec Institute of Technology



Caravan, Design, Beach architecture


Between austerity and excess lies the caravan. This paper looks at a recent project by Auckland designer Katy Wallace. Wallace’s mission was to rethink the interior of that ultimately austere space – the caravan. Firstly, the paper positions Wallace’s project within the historical context of the modern caravan. Secondly, it looks at how Wallace has responded to the dual needs of the contemporary interior and those of confined spaces of an existing caravan. Finally, the paper examines the caravan in the wider context of recent New Zealand holiday location architecture. In a period in which a new breed of holiday houses strives for austerity and seemingly achieves only excess, this paper questions whether the caravan will ever again find a place at the twenty first century beach.


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Lloyd-Jenkins, Douglas. 2003. “Glue and Gumption”. Idea Journal 4 (1):47-56.



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