speculating on the interior


  • Cathy Smith Queensland University of Technology



Interior, Architecture, Betweeness


In this paper, I have speculated on the interior as a site and an idea of betweeness. Feminist philosopher Luce Irigaray (Irigaray 1999) has associated the concept of interior with dualist and gendered philosophies. Nevertheless, the interior as a site has offered many opportunities for artists and occupants to challenge how we inhabit and change architecture. In this paper, I will focus on a design project that involves experimental making and living as part of a subversive approach to architecture: suggesting that we might re-conceptualise ‘interior’ as the space of betweeness rather than the space of the contained. This paper, part of my ongoing doctoral research, has extended ideas about the interior that I explored in the 2003 IDEA journal and has reflected my personal experience of collaborative, experimental design practices. The purpose of my research is to explore the betweeness of spatial practice.


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Smith, Cathy. 2004. “Inside-Out: Speculating on the Interior”. Idea Journal 5 (1):93-102.



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