Following a line ... she collapses onto the gleaning table


  • Linda Marie Walker University of South Australia
  • Michael Geissler University of South Australia



Writing, Drawing, Remains, teaching, event, art


This paper, titled ‘Following a line ... she collapses onto the gleaning table’, looks at the relationships between writing and drawing. In particular it looks at a creative-making practice that is based on the gathering of ‘remains’, on the bits and pieces left-over, and brings to mind studio teaching, where the scraps of thinking and noting and sketching are often discarded (and thrown-away). In the paper, drawing and writing are considered to

be ‘graphic events’. Agnes Varda’s film The Gleaners and I is referred to, as are writings by Jacques Derrida, He?le?ne Cixous, Gilles Deleuze, Clarice Lispector, Octavia Paz and Gregory Ulmer. Marcel Duchamp’s Large Glass also plays a part. Fragment-images from an eight-metre long drawing by Michael Geissler (Louis Laybourne Smith School of Architecture & Design), that took its starting point from ‘scraps’ left in a studio, accompany this paper. These non- representational images form a parallel text; the image-text and the writing-text together are a made-work.


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Walker, Linda Marie, and Michael Geissler. 2007. “Following a Line . She Collapses onto the Gleaning Table”. Idea Journal 8 (1):51-67.



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