• Kathy Waghorn University of Auckland
  • Ross T Smith University of Auckland



Spatial design, Interior design, Interior architecture


The underlying principle of the ‘bodies+spaces’ studio for first year architecture students is that the primary concern of architecture and other design disciplines is the relation of bodies and spaces. The studio sought to bring this to the surface and to allow the students, through a sequence of projects, to explore this relation. This paper outlines the studio, describes some practices and artifacts that transpired and discusses the positions on bodies and spaces that emerged.


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Author Biographies

Kathy Waghorn, University of Auckland

Kathy Waghorn has a background in visual arts and architecture. she teaches design studio and architectural media courses at the National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries, University of Auckland.

Ross T Smith, University of Auckland

Ross T. Smith is currently completing a PhD in architecture at the University of Auckland considering Juhani pallasmaa’s theories of phenomenology of the body and architecture. smith is also a photographic artist who exhibits internationally.



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