Only Within


  • Mark Pimlott



Interior territories, Interior design


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Author Biography

Mark Pimlott

Mark Pimlott is an artist and designer. he is a graduate of Mcgill University, Montréal; the Architectural Association, London; and goldsmiths’ College, University of London. public art works include <guinguette>, Birmingham (2000); <La Scala>, Aberystwyth (2003); <World>, London (2002-10). Interiors include Neckinger Mills, London (1988); red house, London (1999- present); and restaurant puck, The hague (2007). Films include <1965> (1998); <One/the other> (1999); <Ich bin der Welt Abhanden Gekommen> (2005). he has taught architecture and visual arts since 1986, prominently at the Architectural Association. he was professor in relation to practice in Architecture (Interior) at TU Delft (2002-2005), where he is currently senior Lecturer. Mark Pimlott has published articles and essays in numerous journals of architecture. His first book, Without and within, was published in 2007 and his second book, Pictures in passing published in 2008.




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