Life from the Inside:

Perspectives on Social Sustainability & Interior Architecture


  • Amanda Yates Massey University



Interior architecture, Social sustainability, Design


Life from the inside: Perspectives on social sustainability and interior architecture is a a unique contribution to the interior architecture and design discipline. Featuring a collection of essays on the relationship between design and sustainability, the book filters the potentially broad sustainability discourse through a concern with the social. Social sustainability is understood here as an anthropocentric and future-focused condition that sustains social capital and specificity through the generations. The text focuses on how people live in their built environments and how one might practice or ‘do’ collaborative design processes. Interior architecture is established here as the design of the interface between environment and people, and more radically as a facilitator of fundamental needs and of social justice.


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Author Biography

Amanda Yates, Massey University

Amanda Yates lectures in Spatial Design at Massey University, New Zealand where her design research employs sustainable and indigenous knowledge within the fields of architectural, interior, installation, exhibition and performance design. Her writing contextualizes the cultural innovations in her design work that integrates Oceanic and Western spatio-temporal theory to address local ecologies and practices. Current work focuses on the city as an urban research laboratory.




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Yates, Amanda. 2011. “Life from the Inside:: Perspectives on Social Sustainability &Amp; Interior Architecture”. Idea Journal 11 (1):122-25.



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