rendering the [im]material


  • James Carey RMIT University



Interior, Spatial, Materials


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Author Biography

James Carey, RMIT University

James Carey is an Associate Lecturer in Interior Design, School of Architecture and Design, RMIT University. His practice focuses on the everyday, and whilst using the built environment and its material, he constructs immersive and inhabitable milieus. He uses our notion of familiarity in order to break habits to create new readings and understandings of our immediate environments. Certain sites are addressed through a slow material engagement, and then reconstructed through occupation, maintenance, and certain recognisable activities. Methodologies draw on specific interventions, painting and sculpture. These built works explore the concept of lived experience, through working spontaneously and utilising a range of mediums. There is a strong material and spatial practice, yet the work is also connected to the exploratory process of drawing. http://



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Carey, James. 2012. “Rendering the [im]material”. Idea Journal 12 (1):150-63.



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