2020: Co-constructing Body-Environment


Good morning IDEA members and friends,

Special guest editors Jondi Keane, Meghan Kelly, Rea Dennis and I are please to share with you the news that the idea journal issue Co-constructing Body-Environment is now released.

There are several ways to access this issue:

1. Go to our publisher's website AADR to purchase a copy: HERE

2. Visit online e-book platforms such as Apple Books.

3. If you are affiliated with a university library, search for this issue in the journal data bases. It is made fully accessible via EBSCO-HOST, to which nearly all university libraries subscribe. If you do not find it, ask your librarian to have the issue purchased for their collection via EBSCO-HOST.

4. Beginning in 2020, all issues of idea journal will have approximately 30% of the articles uploaded to the IDEA website and the AADR website at the date of publication. The entire issue will be open access on these sites one year later. You can find the sample articles HERE.

Please feel free to share this announcement with your networks. Contact me if you have any questions, compliments or concerns.

Julieanna Preston

Executive Editor