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idea journal's primary objective is to foster, publish and disseminate peer reviewed spatial design,  interior design/interior architecture research where the definition of research includes research about design, research for design as well as through design. To this end the idea journal invites a range of contributions on and representations of research.

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Vol. 18 No. 01 (2021): (Extra) Ordinary Interiors: Practising Critical Reflection
cover of Journal  Vol. 18 No. 01 (2021): (Extra) Ordinary Interiors: Practising Critical

(Extra) Ordinary Interiors calls for contributions from academics, research students and practitioners that demonstrate contemporary modes of criticality and reflection on specific interior environments in ways that expand upon that which is ordinary (of the everyday, common, banal, or taken for granted).

Published: 01-09-2021
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EOI DEADLINE FOR 2022 issue: Fictions, Fantasies and Fabulations: Imagining Other Interior Worlds has been extended to 1 Oct 2021.