2017 Inception Award | A Seat at Our Table

Transforming the community experience

A Seat at Our Table focuses on social sustainability. As a post-internet society Millennials and Gen Z are losing touch with interaction as peers and also as a community. We turn to apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to express selected feelings through different mediums such as heavily curated photos which paint a lavish lifestyle – to slightly nihilistic or sad status updates that describe the struggles of day to day life. To begin to repair this broken form of ‘communication’ A Seat at Our Table looks to re-engage young people through the simple act of sitting down and eating a meal at a table together

By diagramming the points of tension within a dining experience – a relationship formed between the person and the plates, the person and the table and the person and the space in which they were in.
Combining a piece of recycled Matai and one of Beech and turning it on a lathe – created a form both wide and shallow. The subtle differences in texture evoke an unusual harmony. The smoothness of the Matai, juxtaposed with the matte feel of the Beech invite an exploration of visceral means at a close scale.
The rough-sawn finish of the end of the timber alludes to the simplicity of the materials. By inverting the sides an undulating negative detail begins to appear and a narrative opens – how do we connect the materials? Butterfly joints bind the two pieces of timber together, representing the forces of tension and compression. This simplified process refines the unrefined- fostering a relationship between the person and table.
The subtle mimicry of the table and space becomes apparent in the ceiling detail. Exposed concrete pairs effortlessly with the concertina silhouette to personify the detail and ease of the table. Intentionally bare, the space has a commitment to the table for the table, its only glory in the small details of emptiness.
The outcome of these three designs was an engaging dining experience to start to foster social sustainability.