2016 Inception Award | UNBOUND

Emma Brisbane-Cohen





57 Murray Street, Perth is the site of the new … Law School, situated in the heart of the Law District of the CBD and the focus for the project. The proposal revolves around the objective to lift the school’s reputation to that of the most desirable and innovative facilities of its kind in the state by means of the unique approach to producing work ready graduates. The project includes the addition of a functioning Law Clinic, Moot Court and Barristers Chambers that providing exposure to industry and live cases through the collaborative interactions between students, staff and in-house professional practitioners. The educational- workplace design is to be situated within the highly signi cant historical setting that is 57 Murray Street; the former government offices housing the Public Health and Medical Department that were responsible for some of the most notable state policies to date such as the events surrounding the Stolen Generation.

The design response was to re ect the concept of the UNBOUND. To create an interior environment that speaks of connection and collaboration through the rede nition of tangible and intangible borders within a buoyant and boundless landscape. In essence, to portray the ability to be unbound by time, unbound by department, unbound by physical constraints. The layout of the school aims to encourage collaboration between the inhabitants through proximity and shared usage of space; inter-woven with circular insertions derived from conceptual sketches exploring the notion of the UNBOUND.

A translation of buoyancy into the design was aimed at creating the perception of openness where space could be de ned, without compartmentalising this already cellular interior environment. A combination of mirrored surfaces, self-contained oating insertions, small linear windows and indirect lighting was intertwined into the fabric of the interior. This aspired to render this idea of the UNBOUND and to provide inter-spatial connections with minimal disturbance to but rather, re ect the existing heritage materiality.

These mirrored surfaces also contribute by bouncing natural views, provided by a series of green-walls and the central greenspace inserted throughout the interior and exterior environments. Delivering this access to nature and natural ventilation through materiality and vegetation, intends to encourage a healthier, more productive workplace setting. The previously under-utilised courtyard space now looks to continue this idea, supplying an extra backdrop for informal learning, collaborative and social interactions within this central hub for all the site’s inhabitants. The outdoor auditorium serving this purpose, along with the mirrored floorplan of the interior wings, allows for exibility and future-proo ng for the school through spatial inter-changeability and the option to enclose the auditorium. Furthermore, continuing to blur the tangible boundaries and connecting interior and exterior space, reinforcing the overall concept of the UNBOUND.