2016 Inception Award | The Nosherie

Olivia Shew


Silver Winner Inception Award 2016


“Food involves a primary need and pleasure” (Certeau, 1990, p.168)

The Nosherie supports artists who are willing to work collaboratively and cross-pollinate each other‘s ideas within a co-working space. Creative designers will engage to exchange ideas, learn, discuss, practice and of course, eat. This brief explores the new artist in residency programme at AUT. The aim of the project is to recreate the programme across two sites; one which is the current residency apartment, and the other is of choice. Both sites must work together to facilitate exchange, hybrid and innovation of the programme.

I wanted to explore the hidden ‘WE’ (Art and Design building) underground level, which was inaccessible and redesign without disrupting the existing landscape above; this acted as my second site. AUT lacks a convivial space for artists and designers to come together and eat; hence, the communal kitchen is the foundation of my idea. This social kitchen can be utilised in many ways such as an exhibition, research centre, workshops or as a workspace. Artists are in control of how they want to use the space; regardless of their decision, the communal kitchen will host their ideas making it compulsory to engage in a social type of way.

The residency programme accommodates up to two artists who may apply or be invited to stay for a minimum period of one month, depending on the project they are undertaking. Access is convenient for the guests as the ‘WE’ elevator takes you directly from the apartment down to the underground space. The apartment opens up to another level where a dining room overlooks the social kitchen below; it also looks out to the west with a view of the sunset. This gives the artists an option of hosting a private event or gathering during their stay. Sunlight beams over both the apartment and kitchen throughout the day providing natural light. Using Louis Kahn as an inspiration, natural light filters into the underground space reflecting off the materials creating a luminous, warm ambience (gold mother of pearl, sedimentary limestone, timber). The gold colour was used from the beginning of my drawings to represent the atmospheric qualities of warmth, light, energy and life. This colour then lead to the material of gold mother of pearl which also reflects and disperses natural light throughout this space. The ground plane partially lifts off above the ground and echos itself up into the apartment to create the quality of openness. All my drawings are a process of discovery leading me to use these materials and form the language of my design. The project also depicts an iterative story which is read from left to right through two continuous lines; each drawing evolves through development from one to another. Qualities such as food, openness, natural light and materials draw people together within a social space. The Nosherie strives to be a subterranean communal kitchen taking on all the spatial qualities of a social atmosphere through a public and private space.