2016 Inception Award | Carve

Taya Brooks




CARVE celebrates water and the joys that it brings to individuals all around Australia. This scheme aims to transform the Cutaway into a place of unity and joy; somewhere that brings people together regardless of age, race or religion. CARVE is a self suf cient water awareness centre that encompasses saunas, bathing pools, educational facilities, relaxation zones and an Olympic sized swimming pool that protrudes out into the Harbour.

The Australian culture is based around water so there will be swimming lesson opportunities, vocational facilities as well as a place to just relax and have a swim.

The space has been executed through bold architectural gestures coupled with a material palette inspired by a contemporary interpretation of the ‘Aussie Suburban Dream’.

CARVE is Sydney’s own inner city oasis based upon sustainability, innovation and education.

Material Strategy

1. Travertine transitions from warm to cool hues as one travels from the reserve level down to sea level.

2. Terrazzo also transitions to create consistency through each of the spaces. The scale of the aggregate gets larger as one descends through the space.

3. Brass detailing included throughout the space. It goes from tarnished to polished as one travels downwards. Subtle play on science/nature as typically brass ages more when it is more exposed to the elements i.e. water. However in CARVE the reverse happens.

4. The Ocean pool is the heart of the space so I wanted it to be celebrated. The material strategy I have used emphasises this notion.