2015 Inception Award | Skye Peterson

Changing Tide

Situated adjacent to the coastal esplanade at Mooloolaba on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, this project is a public intervention, responsive to the immediate context and driven to communicate awareness of sustainability in the changing global climate.

A strong dialogue with the site is enhanced by recycling elements of the existing infrastructure in combinations which allow the tide to enter into a series of pools. These ll, over ow, and empty in ux with natural semidiurnal moments of the changing tide. Embedding the main interior volumes (an auditorium and stacked gallery spaces) into the landscape induces a submersive journey for experiential learning, whereby circulation around the bodies of water reconsiders a vital relationship between humans and nature. Glimpses into the pools reveal an unfolding narrative, depicting the changing tide over time, communicating to society the impact of climate change and the impending rising sea level.

Instinctively we know that the climate is changing, but only through our attempts to consciously and emotionally understand the scale of the impending global disaster, will we nd the strength to take action in unity. Together we can rise to its challenges so as to avert the worst of its impacts.

This design evolved from a deep reverence of Nature, its interplay with the built environment and its sensitivity. Inspiration emerges from the Japanese philosophy Wabi Sabi, reminding us that we are all but transient beings on this planet and that we are inextricably connected to Nature.

[Koren, L. 2008]

Critical in uences include projects and organisations such as ARTCOP21 (Paris), Cape Farewell (UK), COAL (France), Art + Climate = Change (Melbourne), all of which have a current pulse in the state of global affairs.

These core considerations and engagement with the site led to a very contextual concept, responding to the changing tide and allowing it to enter into the site to create a dialogue between architecture, nature and human experience.

The coastal aspect alone presented itself with an array of constraints and challenges but in comprehending nature, this inspired the use of constraints as a source of creativity.

[Ternaux 2012, p 9]

What exists on site is transformed and circulation through Changing Tide produces an interactive public domain for a broad range of activities to co- exist.

It is a place to learn about the sea level changing over time but it also seeks to foster a sense of community. Therefore engaging Artists, Designers, Environmental Activists, Political Entities, Spiritual Leaders, Scientists and other informers, to facilitate public talks, exhibitions and workshops.

A collective intelligence of creative groups working together in synergy. [Ternaux, E. 2012 p 55]

Functioning spaces include a multipurpose auditorium, 2 exhibition spaces and an outdoor observation deck/ pavilion. These spaces and the exterior are linked by undulating pathways which dissappear under the tide pools and take the user on a journey where architecture is able to in uence ones existential experiences. These tide pools will over ow in succession into a series of smaller paddling pools for children to play in, having the added value of inscribed messages to educate the public about tidal movement and environmental awareness.