2015 Inception Award | Gabrielle Livermore


A Creative Community

Building a Community

The DesignHive is facility with a range of workspaces for creatives including private studios, co-working space, shared studios and workshops. The DesignHive invites the wider public in to observe, experience and participate in creative practices, through the viewing platforms, retail, and exhibition areas. Chance social encounters are encouraged through the event space, café, and workshop walkway. Adaptively re-using a long vacant building, the proposal aspires to create a well as inspiration, to strengthen the local cultural tourism by nurturing local talent and creative activities, and create a space that encourages social interaction and collaboration.

The design intent of this proposal is three-fold:

• To create an affordable, dynamic, for the local creative community.

• To create a creative hub that is accessible and welcoming to the local community and fosters social interaction with; and furthers an understanding of; the creative practices, and provides a shared memorable experience.

• To enliven and sustainably re-use an area within the city and to contribute to the local cultural identity.

The DesignHive will nurture the young of the community by encouraging creativity, enquiry and learning in children by creating opportunities for play throughout the building. The event space at variety of programs that will encourage the general public into the space, get their children involved in creativity, and connect the in-house creatives with the public and industry.

wider community, this will help to maintain a sustainable and healthy social community that the economy.

Research Background

The concept of the DesignHive is underpinned by primary research, which was undertaken to further understand the spatial needs and wants of people involved in creative practices in the local area. A supporting dissertation used a multiple case study, which examined three facilities that support the creative communities in Australia and explored the contextual themes of Creative Industries, Creative creation and organisation of creative facilities.

By meeting the needs of both the creatives and