2014 Inception Award | Bonnie Hamilton

WorkSHOP by Bonnie Hamilton from University of South Australia

WorkSHOP is a locally grown manufacturing establishment at the centre of innovation and local production in the West End. A professional contemporary design platform promoting and retailing a unique collection of products created by the world’s best design talents. workSHOP uses eco-friendly materials to produce contemporary flat packed furniture items that are custom designed and ready for immediate assembly. The concept stems from the roots of the furniture manufacture boom in Adelaide post second- world- war, whilst being sympathetic to the west end of Adelaide’s historic reputation for production and fabrication.

In being sympathetic to the history of the west end, workSHOP reflects the traditional objective of furniture making juxtaposed with the contemporary process of manufacture through CNC routing. The ground floor as one, operates as both a furniture manufacturing workshop and retail outlet offering flat packed furniture items that are manufactured on site. The ideation behind the concept came from the theory of two-fold, the idea that underneath the main use lays two individual uses that come together as one. Without one use the other would not exist and so creates a reliant relationship on the process of furniture manufacture and retailing. The retail space is malleable, open, interchangeable and focuses on the creative input from the designers in residence to assist in designing the interior through new product placement and interaction . workSHOP uses eco-friendly materials to produce contemporary flat packed furniture items that are custom designed and ready for immediate assembly. the concept behind workSHOP evolved from the desire for compact and space saving furniture to be more accessible to city dwellers and the greater public alike. The manufacturing side of workSHOP focuses on the reinterpretation of the beauty in revealing raw material where heavy clad is traditional, or exposing an object’s frame where normally hidden. The focus behind the idea of workSHOP came from the cheap/ sustainable/ DIY/ green/ compact and space saving solutions that flat packed furniture can offer . the focus is on the more economical and environmentally friendly processes of manufacture therefore No hardware is required for assembly and items can be easily transported. Additional to workSHOP located on the front verge of 127 Light Square, Adelaide. KIT is known for serving coffee with a side of various popular design publications. The notion behind kit is to generate public interest in workSHOP as a community based business as well as encouraging site activation of both the surrounding area of the west end and adjoining light square. The kiosk is marketed towards designers and those who experience the everyday daily grind of a 9-5 work life and need their early morning caffeine intake with a side of witty banter and morning cheer. KIT was manufactured by the designers and craftspeople in residence at workSHOP by utilising a disused shipping container as a skeletal frame structure and manufacturing joinery units from marine grade ply to create a sufficient workable space for two people to work comfortably in a cafe style environment. KIT hopes to educate the wider community about design whether it be interior or furniture and looks to encourage the idea of sustainable design .. workSHOP is a business that strives on community involvement through hands on furniture manufacture . KIT is a positive extension of this concept and is a great local platform for social interaction and involvement. it is hoped that KIT will generate a greater interest in design and furniture manufacture in the greater west end of Adelaide.