2014 Inception Award | Jeremey Hogan

EMBODIED  CARTOGRAPHY by Jeremey Hogan from Massey University

I, the cartographer have performed a geographic composition

A set of mapping instruments to be worn by the body express an interior structure of the biomechanical relationship between the body and the constructed urban environment. These instruments emphasize the bodily co-ordinates, pivotal points, angular qualities and vectors the body creates. They present an embodied cartographic gesture, a conceptual representative practice performing a spatial vocabulary.

This project seeks to respond to the static nature of a map, towards performing the act of mapping, and re-creating the potential energies, transitions, rhythms and flows of urban space within an abstracted form of representation. The conceptual practice narrates the mapped urban landscape produced by human activity, the medium and outcome of the human subject and its active being.

As the body traverses the urban environment it performs the act of mapping, a horizontal mapping projection. The body is explored as the primary

mapping instrument, mapping the intangible qualities of urban space. The dynamic shift of the body produces an intangible vector, angulated against the surrounding spatial attributes of urban space.

Presented within a site a representation, working within this space in a live and present manner. The language of representational practice performed with analogue qualities, radical forms of articulation within a 1:1 scale.

This project broadens the conceptual range by which the body’s subconscious traverse
contributes to the dynamic mapping of urban space. It challenges the roles of representation and methodologies in the production of mapping, within a conceptual practice of interpretive geographies, expressive of an interior structure within the body as a mapping instrument.