2014 Inception Award | Sophie Pammelati

Myopic by Sophie Pammelati from RMIT

Myopic is the facilitator of this project: an application which by design and using GPS and geo-fencing systems will function only within the boundaries of pre-established transitory sites that I have located across Melbourne, initially tested and implemented at Swan Street Underpass, near the Richmond Station. Users will be invited to take photographs from within the site, I will then receive these images and start the editing process in order to extrude the ephemeral elements from within that image. Once the image has been edited and transformed into ‘an ephemeral image’, this will then be sent back to the user by email. This will mean that they then posses an artefact of the site even while outside of it, and will make a connection to the original site from wherever they are when they receive the email. Furthermore, the collection of ephemeral images will then also exist in the form of a looped film which is viewable, using the application, by anyone at anytime-provided they are at the original site. This encourages new ways of seeing and experiencing
space in site.

Through the acts of stopping, pausing and being attentive to certain details in the site, users will begin to appreciate some of the ‘unseen’ qualities of the space. By being part of the encounter/event that Myopic is offering, the user will observe different sites through different eyes. The result will be the addition of their own view of site to the collective formation of the narrative. Site will then be observed in particles: the real, the original image, the ephemeral image, the loop and the soundscape which exist only together, forming an enriched experience of one site made up of multiple moments.

By firstly making the user be in site to activate Myopic and then removing them from site while the editing is happening, it is at this point where I think both the risk and potential of this project lie. This durational aspect of lingering is like being in a state of ‘intermezzo’, the wait in itself is a passage from A (being the original photo) to B (being the edited image). That passage may well be interfered with by many other external influences, both from my side and the user’s side. The journey of this interval will influence the arrival as much as it influenced the departure; what it means then is that the user will return to the initial site with a narrative that is constructed by multiple events, encounters and moments which would otherwise have gone unnoticed.