2014 Inception Award | Abbie Phillips

The Age of Aromas by Abbie Phillips from Massey University

The Age of Aromas is a response to the  challenges we face balancing the  relationship between nature and mankind  within the dense urban environment of  the city.

The work takes the form of a film and  publication that look towards the senses,  in particular The Olfactory (sense of  smell), as one of the most powerful ways  we can connect to nature and experience  its benefits. Set in the 22nd century, the  film presents The Ghost Gardens  Collection; a series of 5 redesigned  familiar, cultural artifacts representative  of our spatial environment that are  infused with botanical scent from a range  of plants known for their extreme  aromatic qualities. The 5 “Scent Artifacts”  are performed by an actor, mimicking a  somewhat museum curator, her actions  are delicate suggesting the importance  the future of the 22nd Century has given  botanical scent within our future urban  environments.

As our quest rises for sustainable cities  that allow connection to nature come as a  must, within the design and future  thinking realms of thought towards our  future; we aim to target innovative and  unusual philosophies to differ our worlds  from the bleak of today to the existence  of tomorrow. The Age of Aromas ponders  these thoughts, aiming at intangible  obstacles, object methodologies and  romanticized imaginings to converse the  needs and wants for novel challenges to  the current ‘Green Movement’ within our  world’s largest cities.

The work projects a conceptual vision of a  future in which other are inspired to look  beyond natures commercialisation in the  city as a visual product. The idea of  botanical scent as opposed to visual flora  romanticizes nature in a way that gives  value to imagination, memory, wellbeing  and celebrates the importance of the  future of the natural world within our  urban environment.