Student Awards

IDEA Inception Award

In 2014 IDEA introduced the Inception Award to acknowledge excellence in the advancement of interior design / interior architecture education. The competition is limited to Interior Design / Interior Architecture / Spatial Design students of the 12 member institutions of IDEA. This year IDEA solely invites students currently in their final year of education in interior architecture, interior design or spatial design.

The work is judged on the following three criteria:

  • Best interior proposition.
  • best visual representation. Keywords: evocative, composition, craftsmanship
  • best comprehensive work of text with drawings

With the reward of a first Gold prize of A$650 and a second Silver prize of A$350 for their distinctive contribution to the discipline.


Gold Vioula Said VUW
Silver Natarsha Tezcan UNSW
Finalist Abbie Phillips Massey University
Finalist Alexiadis Moash University
Finalist Bonnie Hamilton UniSA
Finalist Callum McCorkindale VUW
Finalist Elsa Karonis UTS
Finalist Failla RMIT
Finalist Guerrero Monash University
Finalist Helen Bratty AUT
Finalist Jane Suckling Curtin
Finalist Jeremey Hogan Massey University
Finalist Katherine Donaldson Uni SA
Finalist Lucy Corones QUT
Finalist Melissa Gore QUT
Finalist Mitchell Tran UNSW
Finalist RR M Curtin University
Finalist Sofia Radak AUT
Finalist Sohpie Pammelati RMIT
Finalist Stephanie Wilson UTS


IDEA Student Scholarship

IDEA Student Scholarship Program
In 2007 IDEA launched a student scholarship to involve our students in the association’s activities. The objectives are to foster communications between our students and the academic staff by encouraging student leadership in the field, providing students with the opportunity to engage in the activities of IDEA and encouraging cross-institutional connections between students amongst IDEA institutions.

In 2007 the scholarship funded an airfare for a student representative from each of the member institutions to attend the IDEA conference INHABITING RISK, Wellington, New Zealand, 2 – 6 July 2007. Full and part time students enrolled in the second or third year of interior design/interior architecture degrees at the twelve IDEA member institutions were eligible. One student representative was selected by their peers at each institution. The process included a proposal to the student body. This could take the form of a written/visual poster of what the issues were important to education in interior design/interior architecture.

2007 Recipients
  • Adam Alexander (Victoria University)
  • Annabelle Low (Swinburne University)
  • Bridie Karl (WelTech)
  • Dee Bourne (RMIT University)
  • Jane Apthorp (Massey University)
  • Jeffry Tsang (UNSW)
  • Jenni Baxter (QUT)
  • Maya Wilson (UNITEC New Zealand)
  • Owen Rodgers (UTS)
  • Rylie Fitzgerald (UniSA)
  • Tara Slade (Curtin)
  • Zaiga Padoms (Monash)

In 2010 the scholarship funded an airfare for a postgraduate candidate from each of the member institutions to attend the IDEA conference Interior Spaces in Other Places in Brisbane 3-5 February 2010. An afternoon prior to the symposium dedicated to the exchange of ideas was allocated for IDEA postgraduate representatives.

2010 Recipients
  • Hami James-Dentith (Curtin University)
  • Lauren Skogstad (Massey University)
  • Jenny Rho (Queensland University of Technology)
  • Johanna Kelly (RMIT University)
  • Kellee Frith (Swinburne University of Technology)
  • Ruth McDermott (University of Technology Sydney)
  • Jamie-Lee King (UNITEC New Zealand)
  • James Curry (University of South Australia)
  • Nazia Kachwalla (Victoria University of Wellington)