Artichoke Award

Artichoke Magazine Prize for Design Communication

ARTICHOKE® magazine promotes interior architecture and design in all its vitality and variety. ARTICHOKE® is the national magazine of the Design Institute of Australia and is also endorsed by the Royal Australian Institute of Architects.

In 2006, Architecture Media, publisher of ARTICHOKE®, was approached by two institutions seeking a prize for a final year student. From 2007, Architecture Media extended the prize to final year students of interior design/interior architecture degree courses, where the Institution holds membership of the Interior Design/Interior Architecture Educators Association.

The prize ARTICHOKE® magazine prize for design communication is awarded to a final year student for excellence in the visual and written presentation of an interior design proposition.

A single award recipient is selected by each institution’s head of Interior Design / Interior Architecture. Award winners receive a certificate from their institution plus a two-year subscription to Artichoke

  • Nicholas Robson, UNSW
  • Xiaowei Liu, RMIT University
  • Georgina Nefiodovas, University of South Australia
  • Liam Gnaden, Curtin University
  • Laura Sanchez, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Cherrileigh Van Der Mescht, University of Tasmania
  • Roseanna Funnell, Queensland University of Technology
  • Joe Norman, Massey University
  • Nancy Luo, Monash University
  • Jewel Yan, AUT University
  • Vera Marcuta, University of Technology Sydney
  • Mitchell McGrath, AUT University
  • Bashitha Dissanyaka, University of South Australia
  • Emiko Carter, Curtin University
  • Saphera Fitzsimons, Massey University
  • Timothy Quirk, RMIT University
  • Briony Knowles, Queensland University of Technology
  • Sumaiya Abdul Rahman, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Daisy Eckersley, Monash University
  • Kai Xin Mok, University of Tasmania
  • Lucinda Sesta, Swinburne University of Technology
  • Rebecca Mills, University of Technology, Sydney
  • Michael Stonham, UNSW
  • Theodore Maddigan, Swinburne University of Technology
  • Tessa Gravestock, University of South Australia
  • Harriet Beex, Auckland University of Technology
  • Camilla White, Monash University
  • Skye Peterson, Queensland University of Technology
  • Kristin Kilgour, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Lucy Williams, UNSW
  • Jessica Kennedy, Curtin University
  • Alana Fahey, RMIT University
  • Jack Stephenson, Massey University
  • Erin Pearce, University of Tasmania
  • Kate Campbell, University of Technology, Sydney
  • Pia Owen Gaze, Curtin University
  • Helen Bratty, AUT University
  • Tara McDonough, RMIT University
  • Sarah Miller, University of  South Australia
  • Natarsha Tezcan, UNSW
  • Summer Bishop, Massey University
  • Remy Chard, Queensland University of Technology
  • Tomoki Takei, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Alecia Downie, University of Technology, Sydney
  • Helen Alexiadis, Monash University
  • Rebecca Port, Swinburne University of Technology
  • Gabrielle Livermore, University of Tasmania
2013 RECIPIENTS – Link to ArchitectureAU page
  • Suze Chang, University of Technology Sydney
  • Amy Stuart, Curtin University of Technology
  • Ellen Ferrier, University of New South Wales
  • Sigourney Lovell, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Dendy Ng, Monash Art Design & Architecture (MADA)
  • Jonathan Go, Massey University
  • Maggie McMillan, AUT University
  • Jordan Schumacher, University of South Australia
  • Rebecca Shaw, Queensland University of Technology
  • Hannah Moriarty, RMIT University
  • Kevin Shen, Swinburne University of Technology
2012 Recipients – Download Artichoke Magazine Prize 2012
  • Kim de Haan, University of New South Wales, Beanstalk
  • Alexandra Davies, Victoria University of Wellington, Specious Surreality
  • Kristen Crow, Unitec Institute of Technology, Asylum Villa One
  • Amanda Rea, Swinburne University of Technology, A Pensive Poetry
  • Sia Roussos, University of South Australia, Curio
  • Nick Rebstadt, RMIT University, Open Office
  • Holly White, Monash University, Recoup Project
  • Lily Goodwin, Curtin University, Glass Persuasions
  • Felicia Wan, Auckland University of Technology, OPEN/CLOSED
  • Alena Minaeva, University of Technology Sydney, The Baths
  • Rita Schooley, Massey University, Re:Build Re:Activate
  • Isabelle Faure, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Music Centre: A Sustainable Design Solution for the Music Industry
 2011 Recipients – Download Artichoke Magazine Prize 2011
  • Johnny Angelino, University of South Australia, Live Element..
  • Michelle Lim RMIT University, Verb of Eating..
  • Emma McEwen, UNITEC, Phantom Tower..
  • Laura Stevens, Queensland University of Technology, Quay Connect..
  • Yvonne Pinniger, University of Technology Sydney, A Memorial to Death + Dying..
  • Daniel McNab, Victoria University of Wellington, The Pilgrimage of the Virtuoso..
  • Laura Stucken, Curtin University, Volume Two – Public Intervention Through Interiority.
  • Nasim Eshraghi, University of New South Wales, Together..
  • Hua Li, Swinburne University of Technology, The New Office: A Sustainability Project..
  • Jacqueline Low, Monash University, Quarantine..
2010 Recipients – Download Artichoke Magazine Prize 2010
  • Tom Reid, Curtin University, Intimacity – CBD Hotel Capsule.
  • Elizabeth Scott, Queensland University of Technology, Theatre Memoire.
  • Kristy Ballard, WelTec, Changing Faces.
  • Samantha Ellinson, University of New South Wales, Orwell Street Studios for Contemporary Art, Restaurant and Bar.
  • Rose Watkins, UNITEC, Inhabiting a Palimpsest.
  • Clara van den Bosch, RMIT University, Automobilistic.
  • Blake Sanders, University of South Australia, The Shed.
  • Elizabeth White, Victoria University of Wellington, Revitalizing the Fragmented, Facilitating Connection.
2009 Recipients – Download Artichoke Magazine Prize 2009
  • Shirley Lokito, Swinburne University of Technology, North Jakarta University (Environment Engineering Faculty)/Self-Sufficient Building and City.
  • David Hoad, Victoria University of Wellington, A Measure Of Participation.
  • Bethany Ryan, RMIT University, Filled Space.
  • Runi Schoenhofer, UNITEC Auckland, Espacio Sensorial.
  • Sumie Yoshida, Wellington Institute of Technology, Na Monaki Basho (The Un-Named Place).
  • Tessa Regan, University of Technology Sydney, The Station.
  • Morgan Terry, Massey University, Body Detail Space: An Urban Bathhouse.
  • Cindy Lim, Curtin University, Exploring The Concepts Of Control, Belonging And Community To Create A Sense Of Home In Transitional Shelters For Families.
  • Wynn Pramana Chandra, Monash University, Gallery For Media Art.
  • Sarah Cooper, Queensland University Of Technology, Subterranea
  • Sculpture Gallery: Exploring Through Phenomenology The Connection Between Space And The Soul.
  • Rylie Fitzgerald, University Of South Australia, Active Chamber.
2008 Recipients – Download Artichoke Magazine Prize 2008
  • Kate Dewar, UNITEC New Zealand, Retailment
  • Alan Lee, University of Technology Sydney, SoHo
  • Adam Alexander, Victoria University of Wellington, A Silo for Shadows – The Home of Half Open Men
  • Zaiga Padoms, Monash University, Metro Pere Lachaise
  • Marta Szumko, University of South Australia, Yingarna Place
  • Stephanie Schicker, Massey University, Codifying Dispersion: A Commuters’ Interchange
  • Hami James-Dentith, Curtin University of Technology, The Influence of the Interior
  • Michelle Apperley, Wellington Institute of Technology, SGo
  • Darren Grujic, University of New South Wales, Youth Centre, Sydney
  • Alicia Mattingley, Swinburne University of Technology, lento a casa
  • Tess Milne, RMIT University, The Space of Wonder
2007 Recipients – Download Artichoke Magazine Prize 2007
  • Amy McDonnell, Curtin University, Space to Move: Translating Movement into an Interior Space to Inspire Dance Creation and Performance
  • Andrew McLeod, Monash University, Body Build
  • Annabel Barnes, UNSW, Craft4: Airbus A380 Cabin Concept for Virgin Atlantic
  • Annis (Yu Jin) Lee, Victoria University Wellington
  • Georgina Cannon, QUT, Transit Lounge 7
  • Janina van Zwieten, UTS Sydney
  • Kate Jackson, RMIT University, Mimesis: A Theory of Inhabitation
  • Lauren Skogstad, Massey University, Ann House
  • Mudita Lestari, Swinburne University, Secret Garden: A Sanctuary Space to Learn at One’s Own Pace
  • Peter King, University of South Australia, Law and Order: Legal Aid at the Former MLC and The Small Screen
  • Rebecca Metcalfe, WelTec, Fold – Fashion House
  • Summer Fitzgerald, UNITEC New Zealand, Subterfuge