2017 IDEA Journal DARK SPACE published

IDEA Journal 2017: DARK SPACE_the interior 

Since its inception in 1999, the IDEA Journal has enabled high quality publication of discipline specific research. During this time, the journal has been published by IDEA (Interior Design Interior Architecture Educators Association), and distributed as a limited edition high quality hardcopy. Each edition has also been available for free access via the IDEA website, http://idea-edu.com/journal/. The objective of the IDEA JOURNAL is to encourage, support, publish and disseminate peer reviewed interior design/interior architecture research, thereby contributing to discipline knowledge and expertise.

Therefore, it is the intention of this iteration of the IDEA Journal, now published as an Open Access Journal, to expand across disciplines, geographies and methodologies; to encourage experimentation; and to engage broader participation, expanding the discourse.

Following a review of the role of the IDEA Journal, the IDEA Board has agreed to a rolling publication, releasing a series of published manuscripts during the latter end of each year.

This edition of the IDEA Journal 2017: DARK SPACE_the interior called for interdisciplinary collaborative discourse examining built or unbuilt projects/speculations/theoretical inquiry/design inquiry, positioned as:

  • Disruption to the realities and perceptions of (interior?) space
  • Interiors that catalyse symbioses (interior exterior)
  • Extreme interiors that confront the human sensorium, e.g. confined environments, isolated environments, highly sensuous environments
  • Experimental Interiors that manipulate the human sensorium
  • Historical precedents of Interiors that engage the human sensorium
  • Future projections of Interiors that are affecting/shifting/changing the human sensorium
  • Physiological and or psychological analyses of Interiors that affect symbioses (interior exterior)

IDEA journal_17 DARK SPACE_ the interior

Executive Editor: Dr Lynn Churchill

Director IDEA (Interior Design Interior Architecture Educators Association)