2017 Inception Student Award Open

To provide recognition for excellence in the advancement of interior design / interior architecture / spatial design education.

The Interior Design / Interior Architecture Educators Association
will award a Gold and Silver Inception Award in 2017, to student propositions that demonstrate excellence in interior design / interior architecture / spatial design. The Gold award winner will receive a prize of AUD$650 and the Silver award winner will receive a prize of AUD$350 for their distinctive contribution to the discipline.

The competition is limited to Interior Design / Interior Architecture / Spatial Design students of the 11 Australian and New Zealand member institutions of IDEA. Please visit the IDEA website to ensure that your institution is a member of IDEA. IDEA invites students who were enrolled in full time study in interior architecture, interior design or spatial design in 2017; this is limited to students who studied at the 4th year level.


The proposition may be a spatial/interior design, a strategy for designing or an articulation of a spatial/interior practice.

The submitted work will be composed of:

  • A series of visuals: drawings, photographs and/or video
  • A text that provides a critical background to the proposed work


The work will be judged on the following three criteria:

  • Best proposition. Keyword: innovative
  • Best visual representation. Keywords: evocative,
  • composition, craftsmanship
  • Best comprehensive work of text with visuals
  • Keywords: research-led design, design-led research

Submission Process

1. Students to submit work to their programme director for consideration. Do not identify yourself by name or affiliation in the pdf, text file or (optional) video.

  1. Download the indesign template to format your images for submission. Maximum 3 pages. Export as a PDF to submit to your programme director.
  2. Download the IDEA Inception Award word template. Overview paragraph (200 words / 1500 characters) and elaboration of research (600 words / 400 characters). Submit your text as a word doc to your programme director.
  3. If you would also like to include a video please provide a url link.

2. IDEA Directors or delegated individuals to select two finalists from their institution to be nominated for judging. The work of each finalist should be submitted using the google form: https://goo.gl/forms/8qrKhktXYgFMty2u1

Judging process and award

All work will be judged anonymously by the IDEA committee (comprising members of the IDEA board of directors). Your programme director will not be eligible to vote for your work.

The submitted works with the highest voting scores will be awarded the two 2017 prizes: a first Gold prize of AUD$650 and a second Silver prize of AUD$350. Should two works receive the same highest number of votes, the prize will be equal; AUD$500 each with the title of ‘Gold Prize’. The IDEA Directors also reserve the right to award a second-equal Silver prize should the scores indicate this result.

Winners will be informed of the results shortly after the IDEA Directors’ vote via email. The prizes will be awarded within 4 months of the date of award announcement.


All nominated works will be displayed as finalists on the IDEA website. Your participation in the IDEA Competition will be subject to your consent for your work to be published by IDEA in various media.


8 December 2017
Submission to subject directors

1 January 2018
Submission deadline to IDEA board (google form and file upload)

March 2018
Award announcement of the Gold and Silver prizes and award publication on the IDEA website / social media

Image template

Text template